What classes would you like to attend?

Class Description Project Duration
Advanced Tongs Various methods for forging tongs with tips and techniques to make reliable and functional tongs. A set of bolt tongs or box jaw tongs. 1 day
Basic Tongs Class will cover basic styles of tongs and methods to make them. We will discuss shapes of tongs, materials to use for tongs, and methods of forging tongs. Demonstration of forging basic styles of tongs. A set of flat jaw tongs for 1/4" material. 1 day
Baskets How to make baskets for firetool handles, decorative elements in gates and railings, etc. Forge weld 4 pieces of ¼” square bar and form into a basket. 1 day
Bear Heads This class will cover making the necessary tools and the techniques to forge realistic animal heads. Forging a bear head from 1 1/2" square. 2 days
Beginners I The basics of getting started. Discussion of equipment, fuels, and running a coal fire. Basic forging processes. 1 day
Beginners II Further discussion of equipment, shop layout, chimneys, etc. A rake, shovel, and fire poker if time permits. 1 day
Bending Forks Also called scroll forks, or scroll wrenches. Learn methods for forging these tools and the best materials to use. Make a bending fork 1 day
Blades Discussion of the intricacies of forging and finishing blades of all sizes. We will cover some of the popular steels for forging blades and their idiosyncrasies. Low- and high-tech methods of finishing. Handle materials, what makes a good handle and how to attach it. Forge and finish a knife blade with integral handle. 2 days
Build A Propane Forge A short discussion of the principles involved will be followed by constructing your own gas forge. We will be making the barrel type forges that have proved to be one of the best designs for its rapid heating, light weight, and ease of construction and repair. Cost dependant on cost of materials at the time. 2 days
Build A Treadle Hammer A short discussion of the principles and uses of treadle hammers. Then each student will build a hammer with materials provided. Cost dependant on cost of materials at the time. 2 days
Circular Stairways How to layout and construct a circular stairway. How to measure the site, determining the required rise and number of treads, tread designs, code issues, etc. Then discuss and demonstrate construction techniques. No project, just demonstrations. 1 day
Damascus The mysterious and legendary material of the ancient Middle East. Discussion of patterns, characteristics, and what materials to use to achieve a good contrast. Practice the process of welding billets and pattern development. 1 day
Finishes What to do with those projects for the finishing touch. "Natural" finishes, paint, faux finishes with paint, metal powders, colored waxes,mason colors, etc. 1 day Make sample finished pieces 1 day
Forge Building Build a coal forge with a fabricated firepot, approx. 3'x3', with an electric blower or you can provide your own hand crank blower. Cost: to be determined, dependent on materials cost. Cost dependant on cost of materials at the time. 4 days
Forge Welding The traditional way of welding. Learn how to take a proper welding heat, types of welds, fluxes, and try your hand at it (Necessary for Damascus workshop in the future). Flux spoon with welded bowl and chain links. 1 day
Hammers and Top Tools A discussion on hammer design and construction will be followed by making your own hammer. Selecting the steel, how to punch the eye, and shaping and heat treating the faces are some of the mysteries to be revealed. Approx. 2 lbs. Cross peen. 1 day
Hardies and Swedges How to make tools for the hardy hole in your anvil. Make a hot cut hardy and discuss methods for making other types of cutoffs and bottom tools. 1 day
Hinges and Hardware We will cover the basics of hinge construction, from cabinet hinges to hinges for castle gates. Some of the numerous techniques for decoration of hinges and other hardware will be demonstrated. We will also cover door latches and cabinet handles. A fast-paced class with a lot to cover. A pair of cabinet hinges. Norfolk latch if time permits. 2 days
Joinery Techniques How iron was assembled before the advent of arc welding. Mortise and tenon joints, riveting, collars, shrinking, lap joints, etc. Make a small frame with Mortise and tenon joints. 1 day
Kitchen Utensils Learn how to make spoons, forks, and ladles in one piece and with riveted bowls of copper, brass, or stainless steel. We will also discuss the design considerations for items that are practical to use versus decorative. Kitchen spoon with riveted bowl. 1 day
Leaves Techniques for making various types of leaves. From basic to lobed and complex. Forge basic leaves from round and square bar. 1 day
Level II Grill Make all the parts and assemble a Level II grill for the CBA/ABANA Blacksmith Certification. Level II Grill 2 days
Level III Grill Make all the tools and parts necessary to complete a Level III grill for the CBA/ABANA Journeyman Certification. The Level II Grill project requires making numerous tools and assorted parts to make the grill. Class will be broken up into specific tools and parts. Per day
Powerhammer Tooling A discussion of power hammer types and brands. Working under a hammer and basic safety concerns. Basic tooling and how it differs from hand tools. Specialty tools, dies, etc. Make a hack and a flatter. 1 day
Rams Heads and Other Simple Animal Heads Used for handles on fire tools, BBQ sets, etc. Fun and easy to make decorations to turn plain items into elegant ones. Basic tools required for the heads and try various types of heads. 2 days
Roses The mystery of the rose that never dies. Forge roses from steel, copper, brass, etc. How to form lifelike flowers. Make a rose with steel petals. 1 day
Scrolls Scrolls are elemental forms used in most ironwork to decoratively fill space and to provide structural bracing. A basic skill necessary for any grill type project such as gates and railings. Forge different types of scroll ends and practice rolling up scrolls. 1 day
Square Corners Forging traditional square outside corners. Various techniques will be presented. How to get the corners in the right place, etc. Practice multiple techniques of forging square corners 1 day
Tomahawks and Axes Learn the traditional techniques for producing handled, edged weapons and tools. How to form the body of mild steel and weld in a tool steel edge. Making mandrels to shape the eye for a handle. Forge a tomahawk. Cost includes a mandrel. 1 day
Tool Making A discussion of basic metallurgy, kinds of tool steels, classification systems, and hardening and tempering. A cold chisel, hot chisel, and a punch. 1 day
Trademark Stamps Make a stamp to mark your work. Learn how to come up with a practical design. Using master stamps. How to get raised or sunken letters. Making borders and shaped stamps. (Requires beginners III - Toolmaking). Design and make a stamp. 1 day
Traditional Gate Construction Learn how to do mortise and tenon joints, collars, square corners, riveting, etc. Small garden gate. 2 days
Trinkets Making items for Christmas presents and fair demonstrations. Keychains, bottle openers, coat hooks, kitchen utensils, BBQ tools, etc. Try your hand at any of the demonstrated projects. 1 day
Wizard Heads Make the tools needed and then practice making wizards. Price includes a carving block for the vise. 1 day
Woodworking Tools Basic types of woodworking tools and how they work. Making chisels, drawknives, plane blades, froes, gouges, etc. Forge a froe. 1 day